Training FAQs

– Who can participate in TNT’s personalized training program?
Answer: Serious determined athletes in the state of New Jersey who are dedicated to a better training experience. If this is you, please see our contact/free trial page to get started.

– Is there lifting weights?
Answer: Weight lifting is definitely included. But Only once the participant communicates both physically and mentally that they are ready. A strong foundation is a must have before we start loading up a barbell.

– Are the work outs too hard for me?
Answer: If this is your concern then TNT is probably not the place for you. We only work with individuals who have goals that are greater than simply, “ I just want to be better”. Or “I just want to lose some weight”. Athletes who desire more than that, KNOW that hard work MUST be performed. However, each workout is individualized based on the participant’s age and skill level.

– How many people attend in each group?
Answer: We usually train between 4-10 people per session.

– Will I know anyone that is working out?
Answer: You can find us on social media and see if your friends are members. Due to the nature of the group workouts, you are sure to meet new people and make new friends.

– Do I have to be an athlete to participate?
Answer: Yes. Our programs are performance based. But we do not only want you performing well for workouts. It must have a carry over to your sport of choice. If you love to train but do not have a sport, please email me about learning and being involved in powerlifting. Powerlifting is a sport for all ages.

– Is there any equipment I need to bring to my training sessions?
Answer: While no personal equipment is needed, it is suggested the athlete bring a water bottle or sports drink  for hydration and a workout towel.

– Do parents of athletes who are training stay and watch the sessions?
Answer: Although we do require a parent’s support of their child’s training, it is advised that a parent does not stay during the training session. TNT believes that focus without distractions during intense training is key to the strength and conditioning process. Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay for the trial/evaluation workout.

– Is there a certain meal or snack an athlete should consume prior to a training session
Answer: A light meal or snack, 45 minutes to an hour prior to the training session is suggested.

– Where are you located?
587 Mill Creek Rd Manahawkin, NJ 08050

– What type of payment does TNT accept, when I am paying for my sessions?
Answer: TNT accepts all major credit cards.

– Where do I sign up for my trial workout?
Answer: Please go to the contact page and fill out the  “FREE Tryout Request Form”

– What does it cost to train with TNT?
Answer: Please see our Training Programs  “Pricing Section” Here!