Athletic Training Program

Our training is done in groups but that does not mean we use a “cookie cutter” program. One size does not fit all. The workouts will be adjusted to match the athletes age, skill level, and sport.

Through a systematic approach using progressions and regressions, the athletes will be able to work together as a group while individually working on their weak areas. They will be part of a positive and challenging environment. The importance of team work and encouraging one another to succeed is always a strong point of focus.

Every new prospect must go through a trial/evaluation workout. Here is where we see if you have the mind set and work ethic to be part of our club. You do not have to know all the skills for the work out, just the ability and desire to learn them. Laziness is not tolerated.

Our “IN season” athletes are expected to train 1-2 times per week. Our ”OFF season” athletes are expected to train 3 times per week.

It all begins with a powerful athletic warm up which will include:
Dynamic stretching, Mobility, Speed work, Calisthenics, and Skill practice.

Here are just some of the training protocols the athletes will be participating in:

– Various speed, sprint, and jump training drills
– Body weight strength training (squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups, etc.)
– Weighted carries
– Sand bag training
– Barbell, Dumbbell, and Kettle Bell work of all types
– Odd objects used for lifting, carrying, and throwing
– Abdominal/core work

Athletic Program Pricing

Option 1: In season ONLY  (Customized coached sessions for athletes durning their in season)
Up to 2 workouts/per week – 2 month commitment & on going: $100/per month

Option 2: Elite Training  (Coached sessions with our CUSTOM PROGRAMMING)
UNLIMITED TRAINING – 3 month commitment & on going: $150/per month


Small Group Strength Training Program

*Space Is Limited*

Strength training is the key to feeling healthy. We do not train just to be strong in the gym. We train to live a strong life.

Our small group sessions are designed primarily for adults who do not want to be in the “regular” gym trained by the average personal trainer. These sessions are high energy and all skill levels are welcome.

Small Group Training Pricing

Option 1:
2 workouts/per week – 2 month commitment & on going:
$100/per month

Option 2:
3 workouts/per week – 2 month commitment & on going:
$150/per month


Open Gym

*Invite Only*

This training option has been designed to give you access to our unique facility so you can reach your goals. Although individualized coaching is not provided a coach is always on the premises to supervise all workouts and offer guidance.

Open Gym Pricing

(supervised/scheduled training sessions)

No commitment:
$30/per month

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