We have a WINNER!!!

We proudly congratulate our first place 2015 Sled Drag Challenge champion-Cade.                          

His best time was an awesome 8.8 seconds with 100 pounds! Every athlete put up a great fight with personal best times, but it was Cade who came out on top.


Sled Drag Callenge Details are here!!

The contest will be held outdoors on Friday August 21, 2015 at 6:30 PM. The location will be confirmed after you register. If the weather does not permit, a rain date will be determined in the near future. There is NO coast to enter. Contest is open to athletes only.

The winner will receive 1 FREE week of training ($60 value) and a special prize will be handed out. We will officially announce the winner on our website and social media.

Each athlete will be weighed prior to starting. We will use a percentage of their body weight to determine how much weight each individual will use on the sled. No sled experience necessary. The sled will be pulled forward for a total distance of 60 feet.

Everyone will have 3 attempts to pull the sled. Their best recored time will count as their time to determine the winner. To register please see our contact page and fill out the Introductory Training Request Form. Be sure to write “sled challenge” in the comment section.

Good luck and I hope to see you there!

Coach Ted takes first place at the 2015 USAPL NJ State championship

Ted was crushing PR’s in the squat and dead lift as he prepared for the NJ State Powerlifting Championship. Contest prep went extremely well for the big event held on August 1st. The training consisted of building strength and focusing on technique, while always practicing proper form and execution of the lifts to competition standards. Spending time preparing meals ahead of time for the week had been an important step in making progress. All of you are encouraged to eat healthy and have some type of meal plan and most importantly, remove the bad food choices.