TNT is not just a cleaver name for a strength training company. Each letter represents a name in my family. A constant reminder that I must always conduct my myself with honesty and integrity. – Ted Rasmussen

Ruben N.

Ted is not only a competitor that has been in the trenches with his athletes, but he’s also a very knowledgeable coach. My first three training sessions with Ted were great! He immediately pin pointed areas in my training that would help me perform optimally, and worked on skills that would help me add weight to the bar in competition.

Ruben N.{Strength Athlete}
Rick U.

“Training here is highly recommended. Ted is the best when it comes to serious training and motivation. My son is stronger, faster, toned, and has a better attitude. Training with TNT has really built up his confidence.”

Rick U.{Father of Athlete}
David F.

” My son has been going to TNT for a little over a month now. I can really see the changes in his physique and overall strength. The workouts have built up his confidence and are really FUN! He looks forward to every training session. ”

David F.{Phys. Ed Teacher & Coach}
Brian T.

” I have personally known Ted for several years. During that period I have experienced his passion for strength training and an equally strong desire to share his knowledge with others. For those eager to take the next step in regard to their strength or conditioning routine, you have found the right coach in Ted. ”

Brian T.{Strength Athlete}
Justina M.

” Ted demonstrated high levels of professionalism, dedication to the sport and helped give me that push I needed to do my best in the USAPL Competition.  He is the real deal and an amazing, genuine person! ”

Justina M.{USAPL Competitor}
Chuck M.

” I first started powerlifting with Ted 4 years ago. He’s taught me many things about proper technique and I’ve built a lot of strength off of that. In my last meet I hit all personal records because of his knowledge. ”

Kevin S.

” My 12yo son began working with Coach Ted of TNT prior to the start of his baseball season. Coach Ted mapped out a conditioning program that was geared towards baseball. During the season, I noticed an increase in strength and speed in my son. His first step to the ball is quicker and he gets out of the batter’s box much faster than in the past. I highly recommend TNT! ”

Kevin S.{Jersey Shore Baseball Coach}

TNT Strength and Conditioning is a private athletic training center located in Manahawkin New Jersey, owned and operated by Coach Ted Rasmussen. He is a Certified Underground Strength Coach, Certified USA Powerlifting Coach, and a competitive powerlifter.
This coaching facility is designed to help athletes of all sports reach their goals and improve their life. We offer programs for competitive powerlifting and athletic development.

Here is a message from Coach Ted…….

I have been involved in strength training for nearly 20 years. Having competed at the local, state, regional and national level for USA Powerlifting, my passion has driven me to help others reach their goals. I have designed and coached strength programs for athletes in a variety of sports such as powerlifting, baseball, soccer, basketball, obstacle course racing, cross country, track and field, football, and many other sport enthusiasts. With my passion for strength training and love for athleticism, I am offering these training services so all athletes can have an immediate improvement in their respective sport and life.

Like most young athletes I had spent a number of misguided years following fads and gimmicks that I would read about in magazines or hear from people in the Local Gyms, only to leave me wondering why my results were not matching my goals. Over time I have sought out and learned first hand from some of the most gifted people in the strength community. After absorbing valuable knowledge from these talented individuals, I began applying a never quit work ethic and the drive to continually reach my goals, while setting new ones. Attacking these goals both in sport and in life has molded me into the motivated individual I am today.

TNT is not just a cleaver name for a strength training company. Each letter represents a name in my family. A constant reminder that I must always conduct my myself with honesty and integrity. I do what I do for my family. And if you join me at TNT, then you are treated as part of the family.

As the owner and strength coach of TNT Strength and Conditioning, I want to share with you my motto. ”Work Hard. Feel Good.” We stand by this slogan because we know that while everyone else in your sport is already attending their routine sports practice, those who use our training and shared hard work will truly gain the edge over their competition.

Committed To Your success,

Ted Rasmussen